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BTC rip! Don’t Worry! These altcoins Will bounce back!!

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Research… many people tell you to do your own but when they say “do it on your own” DYOR I just laugh because they don’t ever show you how, because those fake researchers on youtube, the other cyrpto tubers don’t know how to do it They cannot DYOR, because they just copy and paste Well, here’s something for them to snap a quick picture of because it’s time for Chico Crypto!

Cryptocurrency research There isn’t much information on how to do such a thing There are no solid tutorials, the biggest media outlets put out garbage, and like I mentioned barely any good video content So what is the average Joe to do! Well of course watch Chico Crypto! And this research tool we show will lead us directly to an undervalued altcoin on page 100 of Coingecko It’s a 1-2 punch Win-Win situation episode So let’s get right into it… 

What is the research tool, that is a token which is on the top 100 crypto’s of Coingecko Well it’s way down there, scrolling down to #59 That is The Graph 58 cryptocurrencies above The Graph, and a majority of them don’t even 1 percent of the work this protocol does Which means there is room to grow for this one… But first what is the graph! Well it’s a key piece of Web3, a decentralized querying and indexing protocol for the major blockchain networks If a dapp wants to communicate with say Ethereum or even IPFS… a subgraph is created, basically an open API, that makes their data easily readable and available And I’ve covered the graph on so many occasions Even before it was on Coingecko, and listed One the first times was November 2020 Let’s see what I said before the token was public I said it was going to explode, the graph was going to be massive Pulling out the price chart since Launch that is true, it’s exploded on multiple occasions, and the chart is oh so bullish Why Well because it did what else I was saying It integrated itself with almost every dapp Which leads us right into how the Graph is one of the best crypto research tools Because yes, it is integrating itself with every dapp, including the new game changing one The graph has a subgraph explorer, all the big dapps, and it includes the community subgraphs Aka the research humb, This includes very nice sort features, to enhance your research Sprint by deployed subgraphs, we can see a recently deployed one with a name we recognize, Kleros, is called proof of humanity Clicking into it, it shows us some stats It’s on the mainnet, recently updated, the graph was created a month ago, and has over 7100 entities Aka it’s being used So #1, this is good research as its from Kleros Kleros is a misunderstood DeFi star The DeFi jury and arbitration layer they have even created ethereum standards for this The arbitration standard erc792… which is reinforced by the evidence standard, for dapp dispute resolution Erc1497 What all that is, is a video in of itself What we are worried about is the proof of humanity subgraph Well Kleros announced it, with a blog, about a month ago when the subgraph was first deployed

The blog was titled “Introducing UBI: Universal Basic Income for Humans” the blog states “UBI is the first application to be built on top of the Proof of Humanity registry, an anti-Sybil attack tool designed by Kleros” Going to the proofofhumans landing page, we can see it’s a trusted collaboration between democracy earth and kleros, unlocking a bunch of new crypto possibilities through Digital Identities Scrolling down to the UBI token, you can earn it with 3 pools, 2 liquidity mining ones pools 2 and 3, but the important one is pool #1 In this pool 1 UBI is given away every hour for every human How do they know you are human Well that consists of you going to the application, and creating a human profile Which includes both video and image confirmation, and even an Ethereum deposit, which you get back after confirmation… There are more checks, as this is a registry Users vouch for other users within the registry This web of trust adds greater protection to the whole system, and it’s up to users to vouch for other users, there is no incentive… But here is where the fun comes in, challenging Registered users can vouch for other users, but they can also challenge the new users pending submissions that they think don’t comply with the requirements for acceptance A challenger has to put down a deposit, to challenge, but if they win and its a bad profile, they deposit of ETH used to sign up And these challenges happen with Kleros technology! I don’t know about you, but I’m signing up for my 1 UBI per hour, and hopefully get vouched for adding myself to the ever growing map of interconnected humanity, receiving a basic income while vouching for, and securing the human registry So realize this is a groundbreaking experiment happening on Kleros, people are not waiting for the government to do it and The Graphs Subraph explorer led us right to it! How about the Graph’s Subgraph’s leading us to more Well one that has been updated since we checked out Klero’s proof of humanity That is Gelato Digital Limit Orders This is new, created 10 hours ago, and just updated within the hour It is powering limit orders on Dex’s through the Gelato Network… And then going to Gelato’s website, they say they are ethereum’s automation protocol A tool for automating smart contracts… smart contracts like Limit Orders AKA swappers, like Uniswap could have limit orders soon, as the Devs will have easy integration code… But Gelato and it’s power is already being seen I hope you know of Instadapp, the DeFi the smart wallet and interface for DeFi… 

Well it has surged on DeFi pulse, and is the #7 largest product on the website, with over 2 5 billion in TVL Going to the TVL chart over time, it exploded beginning in February What happened with Instadapp in early February! Well they tweeted about it Instadapp actions were deployed Automation, with some of their vaults, and more automation to come Powered by Gelato! So where is the gelato token Where is the cryptocurrency Well there isn’t one yet, but I gotta thank this slice of toast for the leaks They tweeted “The team over at Gelato Network have been dropping some alpha leaks over the Telegram for the last few months, which have gone largely ignored by most people except for toast They go into some of the alpha stuff with the project, but then say “My point of all of this Gelato Network is heading towards a V2 upgrade of their protocol, with some hints having led me to believe will include a utility token Take, for example, this chat with the team with a title mentioning a compound based DAO, and a governance token OHHHHH! And then below another leak from a chat A team member saying hush in reply to a token question!!! Now, that is how you do some Research The tools of DeFi lead you to other DeFi tools and our Chico’s toolbox only fills with time Cheers

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