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This site, which my team and I have recently founded – is not just another “crypto-news” aggregator, but our personal project designed to raise your level of education in the crypto sphere.

I would like to draw a small analogy that will help you realize how significant the period we have the privilege to witness is.


Before the advent of typography, people copied books by hand, it was very hard work, which took a lot of time and effort. The invention of the printing press greatly contributed to the increase in the level of education among the population. The printing press made it possible to record colossal amounts of information and distribute it all over the world.

Before the invention of the telephone as a universal means of communication, the idea of ​​transmitting audio signals through cables seemed like a science fiction invention straight from H.G. Wells’s books.

The Internet has entangled the entire globe with its web and facilitated the development of humanity to an exponential increase in terms of quality and quantity of cognizable information, giving that very initial and necessary “push” to a technological singularity that cannot be stopped.

And finally… the emergence of Blockchain technology heralded the era of cryptocurrencies – and yes, we believe there are strong reasons to put this achievement on par with the most important inventions that changed the world. 

Cryptocurrency is perhaps one of the most significant achievements of mankind of our century and how amazing it is that we happen to be at its origins!

We believe that blockchain in general and cryptocurrency, in particular, is not just another tool for trading, but something that can completely change all ideas about the traditional market, something that in the near future can replace traditional financial institutions.

Imagine, while all the states of the world are in a panic trying to resolve the issue of cryptocurrency regulation, many nuances remain unfulfilled.

You and I have yet to witness how cryptocurrency will be used as a reserve for bank transfers.

How blockchain technologies will be incorporated into various fields of activity, from drafting guaranteed contracts and storing and processing personal data, ending with marketing and videogames.

We will witness all this together with you, on the pages of our site.

And the greatest benefit from this will be obtained by those who reject all previous attitudes and jump into this cheerful bandwagon before everyone else.

It is for this purpose that we founded this project.

As one famous saying goes…


Yours faithfully,
BitcoinData team.

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