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Today, cryptocurrency is attracting more and more attention from people around the world – from experienced market professionals and easy money lovers to young enthusiasts with no experience, but with huge ambitions.

Nevertheless, where there is a big hype, the fruit of skepticism always ripens, because cryptocurrency is a volatile financial instrument. Especially skepticism of these people is addressed towards such a phenomenon in the modern cryptocurrency market as “crypto-exchanges with automated trading technology”, based on the use of sophisticated algorithms to identify the optimal trading solution.

One of such developments is the platform presented in our today’s article.

A platform called Bitcoin Storm

“What Is Bitcoin Storm? Is Bitcoin Storm scam? Bitcoin Storm review, Bitcoin Storm this morning, Bitcoin Storm Richard Branson, Bitcoin Storm Reviews, Bitcoin Storm app, Bitcoin Storm UK, blah-blah-blah…”

All these carefully selected questions and requests will be addressed in our article.

Bitcoin Storm Review

Bitcoin Storm
Bitcoin Storm Review

Bitcoin Storm is a new platform for trading cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance, and others. It’s a completely automated crypto trading system that has proven itself in the cryptocurrency market. 

The system is fast, reliable and, with a competent strategy, can potentially bring good profits.

As in similar projects (Bitcoin Era, Bitcoin Superstar, Bitcoin Rush, Bitcoin Trader), Bitcoin Storm is based on complex algorithms for analyzing and processing large amounts of data, allowing you to make the most optimal trading decision and ultimately make a profit.

The platform is relatively new and has already proven itself very well on the crypto market and other similar platforms. It stands out among its competitors, thanks to its undoubted advantages, such as the complete absence of hidden commissions, professional, but extremely easy-to-use trading interface, high reliability (which is a very important factor when considering large investments), the presence of trading bots, and partnerships with professional brokers that have established themselves in the market.

Bitcoin Storm Review

Bitcoin Storm
Bitcoin Storm Review


We have no intentions to agitate you to buy a particular cryptocurrency or give any financial recommendations whatsoever, thus the content of this article should not be taken as financial advice, for it serves only information purposes. 

We just (like all of you here) are looking for promising projects that we like ourselves, and in the end, we structure all the carefully collected information for you, so that it is easier for you to make your own informed decision. Investments should always be carried out with an eye to capital growth in the future.

Is Bitcoin Storm Legit?

We spent the whole day getting to know the full functionality of the platform and concluded that Bitcoin Storm is a reliable service that can bring you profit in the shortest possible time and allow you to quit your 9-5 job.

The necessary steps you need to go through to start trading with Bitcoin Storm:

1. Registration

So, we fill in the registration window and create an account, after which you will be assigned a personal broker who will help you figure out the next steps.

To avoid data leakage and potential hacking, the Bitcoin Storm developers also took all necessary measures to strengthen the algorithm of their trading system, providing its users with necessary features, such as data encryption, user data safety, and GDPR compliance.

Bitcoin Storm Review

Bitcoin Storm
Bitcoin Storm Review

2. Demo Account

Bitcoin Storm provides a demo account for use to test your trading skills. We recommend that you first familiarize yourself with a demo account to get acquainted with the primary function of this platform, and only then proceed to trade. 

Our recommendation is to start with a demo account to test your trading skills before switching to the real one (especially if you do not have extensive experience in this area).

To do this, you need to click on the “Auto Trade” button and then the platform will run automatically.

3. Deposit

After you have become familiar with the initial trading platform toolkit, your next desire will probably be to try your hand at live trading. 

Well, for this you will need to make a minimum deposit (as we recommended earlier, it is best to start with a small amount, in the range of 250 pounds). 

Payment methods are standard and range from Visa / Mastercard to Neteller, American Express, and Discover Network.

Bitcoin Storm Review

Bitcoin Storm
Bitcoin Storm Review

The Bitcoin Storm platform tries to automate all processes to the maximum so that the end-user does not have to manually perform unnecessary actions that can be automated. For example, affiliate brokers, one of which will be linked to your trading account after making a minimum deposit and whose work will significantly contribute to your potential earnings on the platform.

  • Registration and Verification – The entire verification process on the Bitcoin Storm platform won’t take you more than 5 minutes. It’s a very basic procedure that includes providing your email, phone number, and full name. After registering your account, all that is required is to deposit the required amount of money into your trading account.
  • User-friendly – despite the whole complexity of the platform, Bitcoin Storm is extremely user-friendly, in particular, it has a convenient and easy-to-understand interface that allows you to set all the necessary settings within a few minutes, and then start working.
  • Customer Service – Bitcoin Storm provides 24-7 tech support to resolve any question you may have. Access to the technical support of the site is carried out through the chat window.
  • Impressive success rate – A very high percentage of successful transactions on the Bitcoin Storm platform, even despite such a highly volatile instrument as cryptocurrency. 
  • Demo account – Bitcoin Storm provides the user with the opportunity to practice their skills on a demo account before embarking on an open voyage inhabited by crypto trading sharks. The platform also provides an opportunity to choose an individual broker and a large number of training materials (tutorials) that will allow you to significantly improve your trader’s qualifications.
Bitcoin Storm Review

Bitcoin Storm
Bitcoin Storm Review

  • Free of charge – The platform is completely free and it won’t cost you a single quid, for there’s no additional fee. Your initial deposit is the only minimum requirement there is. 
  • Brokers – Bitcoin Storm is a crypto trading type of platform, i.e. the core of its structure consists of channeling funds through online brokers
  • Auto trade feature – Bitcoin Storm has an auto trade feature that allows the automated system to perform transactions. The potential investor will be able to put certain limits in place to determine the volume of trade done on the system. Considering the volatile nature of the cryptocurrency market, it is suggested that the potential investor select trade settings based on the current market. 
Bitcoin Storm Review

Bitcoin Storm
Bitcoin Storm Review

A Useful Tip:

You can significantly multiply your profits by reinvesting your earnings. A proven strategy is to withdraw some of the profits and reinvest some part of it back. Thus, you will save yourself from losses and will be able to increase your income at the same time.

When choosing between several cryptocurrencies, one should clearly understand what principle lies at the heart of the technologies they use. 

Otherwise, your connivance and unwillingness to get acquainted with all the subtleties can result in losses. Hearing many stories about the success and growth of assets, people often hesitate to invest, and when they do proceed with investing, it turns out that the price has dropped and it will take a long time to wait for the value growth to make a profit.

Bitcoin Storm Review

Bitcoin Storm
Bitcoin Storm Review

Has Bitcoin Storm Been Featured On TV?

With a lot of internet rumors going, a lot of ‘em claim that Bitcoin Storm has been approved and often talked about on various TV shows such as Shark Tank, Dragon’s Den, and This Morning. 

And with crypto becoming such a popular, trendy topic nowadays, there are a lot of claims on various celebrities, showing support for different cryptocurrencies.

With our team, we’ve decided to shed a light upon it, and investigate whether or not those claims are true and have the Bitcoin Storm been previously mentioned in the media?

Has Bitcoin Storm been featured on Dragons Den?

Dragons Den is a popular UK show where aspiring young (and not so) people try to pitch their business idea within 3 minutes to a bunch of successful entrepreneurs, hoping to attract some serious investments and get launched. Being featured on such a popular TV show means instant success, almost overnight, although as of today, there’s no visible evidence that there were any affiliations between Dragons Den and Bitcoin Storm. 

Dragons’ Den

Dragons’ Den
Bitcoin Storm
Bitcoin Storm Review

Does Robert Pattinson Endorse Bitcoin Storm?

Robert Pattinson is a popular British actor who became famous all over the world for his role as vampire Edward in the “Twilight” film franchise based on the novels by Stephenie Meyer. 

Recently, Robert prefers to appear in author cinema such as “The Lighthouse” by Robert Eggers or “Good Time” by the Safdie brothers. Pattinson is a young and ambitious actor, but unfortunately, we failed to find out if his ambitions include conquering the tops of the cryptocurrency market. Neither were we able to shed some light on any connections between him and the Bitcoin Storm. 

This morning

This morning
Bitcoin Storm
Bitcoin Storm Review

Has Bitcoin Storm been featured on This Morning?

This Morning is a very famous UK TV show, that’s aired daily, on iTV. The show consists of various themes and categories, such as interviews with celebrities, business news and financial discussions, healthcare, investment advice, et cetera. 

If this site were presented or mentioned in any form on this television show, all Britain would talk about it, all the media would incessantly, vying with each other, discuss this topic, not to mention that at least a quarter of the population of the United Kingdom would receive some initial idea of bitcoin and Bitcoin Storm, and all Twitter would be inundated with the corresponding hashtags. So, it’s safe to say that there’s a very low possibility of any connections between this show and the Bitcoin Storm.

Shark Tank

Shark Tank
Bitcoin Storm
Bitcoin Storm Review

Bitcoin Storm. Has it been featured on Shark Tank?

Shark Tank is a very successful, US version of Dragons Den. Both of ‘em have a quite similar concept: young, aspiring entrepreneurs are given a chance to promote their business startup idea to the group of their richer and more experienced colleagues to get some “ticket” to the next-level game. 

Shark Tank

Shark Tank
Bitcoin Storm
Bitcoin Storm Review

Does Peter Jones Recommend Bitcoin Storm?

Peter Jones is a UK-based entrepreneur with both a big following and net worth (currently it’s worth around $500 million) and a reality television personality on various shows including Dragons Den (which we have mentioned earlier). 

There’s no doubt that if someone of his authority in the financial world would promote such an investment opportunity as Bitcoin Storm – a huge number of his followers would get hyped immediately in the hopes of catching that bandwagon asap. However, our attempts to trace any connection between Peter Jones and the Bitcoin Storm have been quite unsuccessful, for there’s no visible link.

Peter Jones with Holly Willoughby

Bitcoin Storm Review

Bitcoin Storm
Bitcoin Storm Review

In conclusion, we are forced to report that none of the above celebrities, despite the huge number of circulating rumors on the network, are in no way involved in the Bitcoin Storm. And even if there are – all such activities remain entirely in the shadow of their personal lives and are not made public.


Is it profitable to invest in Bitcoin Storm?

It depends on your personal investment goals. However, it should be noted that Bitcoin (as well as for cryptocurrencies in general) is an extremely highly volatile tool that can both make you rich overnight and significantly diminish your existing fortune.

Which countries is Bitcoin Storm available in?

The number of countries in which the Bitcoin Storm operates exceeds a hundred, so we can confidently call this platform international. You can start trading in any of the countries from this list where the Bitcoin Storm has a legal basis to trade.

Can I withdraw Bitcoins from the system?

No, it doesn’t work like that in Bitcoin Storm. You cannot withdraw BTC, since the system converts your hard-earned crypto into your local currency, that’s how the withdrawal procedure is being processed. 

Is there other trading software similar to Bitcoin Storm?

Yes. There are many trading systems quite similar to Bitcoin Era,  like Bitcoin Superstar, Bitcoin Evolution, Bitcoin Rush, etc. 

Is Bitcoin Storm Scam?

Don’t pay such strict attention to unverified rumors. 

“Bitcoin Storm Scam” statement is simply not true and our investigation confirms this.

What is the maximum amount that I can make on Bitcoin Storm?

The maximum profit depends solely on your abilities and your trading strategy, so the sky’s the limit.

How many hours per day do I need to work on Bitcoin Storm?

You will need to devote about half an hour a day to work on the platform. In my opinion, quite a reasonable investment of time, isn’t it?

It’s been reported that besides Bitcoin Storm, there are other similar projects. Do they all provide the same benefits?

Taking into account the high dynamics of the development of the cryptocurrency market, the emergence of such projects is not a surprise. We recommend that you conduct a very thorough analysis before deciding on a particular platform since there are many scammers among them.

Does the list of minimum requirements on Bitcoin Storm include the need to have some amount in Bitcoins?

Of course, it doesn’t. The Bitcoin Storm trading platform is designed to help users trade without having any cryptocurrency balance on the account.

Would you recommend investing all your money in Bitcoin Storm?

We don’t recommend investing all your savings in anything, be it Bitcoin Storm, Bitcoin Superstar, Bitcoin Era, etc.

You should always remember that the cryptocurrency market is super volatile and very risky, so thoughtful risk management, stop losses and a quality strategy are your best friends in this difficult business.

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