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“PLAY-TO-EARN” based platform


‘Ello, Lads & Lassies!

Today we are going to take a look at the new NFT blockchain game Moonies

Let’s consider the functionality of the game itself, how you can make money on it, how you can increase your earnings, what ways are there for this. Also, we’ll talk about the NFT ecosystem inside the game and their early listing.

Moonies is a new play-to-win game that consists of three main components: this is NFT, this is DeFi, and of course the game itself. 

At the moment, these NFT games are still gaining popularity, but we believe that in a couple of months this will be the next major new movement in cryptocurrency, where you can make very good money. 

Therefore, using the example of Moonies, we will consider how these games generally work, how to enter them correctly, and how to make some profit on this (which is why y’all here, ain’t it?).

At the moment of the development of the GameFi industry (crypto games that are built on blockchain technology), the game is still only an addition to the main part of DeFi. 

That is, the game mechanism itself is built around DeFi, and everything else just supplements it in order to make earnings more effective and interesting.

Let's break this project down into three segments (NFT, DeFi, and the game itself) so that we can look at them separately and then understand how they are interconnected with each other.



To begin with, we have various NFT on the platform, they are called “moonies”, or the so-called “astronauts”. 

There are 4 of them so far, but new ones will be added during the development of the game. Each of these astronauts is tied to a specific cryptocurrency. 

In this case, we have 4 astronauts – Bitty, which represents Bitcoin, Ettie, which represents Ethereum, Doggie, which obviously, represents Dogecoin, and Normie, an astronaut who is not tied to any cryptocurrency at all.

These astronauts can be mined, collected, traded, and upgraded. Why this is important, we will discuss with you a little later.



Also, another important point is that these astronauts have a different level of rarity and different restrictions on their quantitative release, that is, on the simplest astronaut Normie, we have, for example, a 90% chance of getting it if we do certain actions in order to take your hands on it (and there is an unlimited number of them), that is, these Normies can be printed and mined as much as necessary. 

All other astronauts have limited supplies, each of ‘em quite rare. For example, Doggie has only two thousand tokens total in circulation, and also a 3.33% drop rate for each one.

What do these astronauts give us, besides the fact that they look cool and that they can be collected in the form of NFT?

In fact, each of these astronauts is a kind of electronic ticket for participating in certain activities to earn money on the MoonieNFT platform. 

This means that we have, for example, pulling funds or staking funds, as well as internal mechanics, such as a “price race”. Let’s start by examining the simplest mechanic – pulling your funds for additional income. 

How will he look, and how are these astronauts tied to him?



The functionality of the platform can be imagined as stating or pulling, where we can send our funds, including the native token of the MoonieNFT platform (MNV token) and USDT, and, accordingly, we will receive certain earnings from this. 

What will be the difference between "pulling" and "staking" on Moonie?

There are actually slightly different mechanics here. In fact, we also “stake” our funds and receive income from the interest that we receive in the process of staking, but there will be two other additional types of earnings. 

Firstly, it lies in the fact that we can “stake” our funds and receive interest, plus a part of the interest is taken by the platform itself, and also some part is randomly distributed among various participants who also stake their assets in a staking pool. 

Secondly, the platform sells loot boxes (which we will move on to a bit later), and, accordingly, 50% of earnings from all loot boxes will also be distributed to all the stakers who “stake” or “pool” their assets inside the MoonieNFT platform.

Now let’s mentally combine these earnings on DeFi with our NFT to understand the connection. To get to this platform (you can’t just get access to this “Research Lab” on the spot), we need to first have some particular NFT in our pocket.



In this particular case, for the platform functionality, it is the astronaut Normie that is needed, which will be very easy to obtain. 

It will act as an entrance ticket that is stored in your decentralized wallet, for example, in Metamask (or Trust Wallet), and accordingly, at the moment when you start “staking” or “pulling” your assets, it gets burned. 

After this time, this ticket is valid for 7 days, that is, for 7 days you can stake your assets and receive various rewards: interest rewards, additional rewards, which are randomly distributed among participants who stake their assets, and also rewards from profit from loot boxes, namely 50% of how much was sold.



When you have those seven days passed, either you must get another extra astronaut in your wallet to extend your staking period, or you must stop staking at this point. 

Accordingly, such functionality will drive the price of astronauts up, and since this is NFT, they can be sold at various marketplaces for NFT, and accordingly, this will raise their cost. 

The other three astronauts will be a lot harder to get because the chances of getting them are much less.

The bottom line is that they are also working as a kind of ticket, but to serve another functionality of the platform, not to staking and not to asset pulling, but to such a thing called Price Race. 

The idea of the price race lies in the fact that there are three different missiles, each of which is tied to the price of a particular cryptocurrency, namely to the rate, and not to some blockchain. 

There is a rocket that is tied to the Bitcoin rate, there is a rocket that is tied to the Ethereum (Ethereum) rate, and a rocket that is tied to the Dogecoin rate.



The point here is that we have to choose a specific rocket that we want to board, and accordingly, certain goals of cryptocurrencies are indicated here. 

For example, for Dogecoin it is 68 cents, 6700 for Ethereum, or 52000 for Bitcoin. There is a certain race between these three rockets, which is based on which of the cryptocurrencies will get to the specified goal earlier. That is, we must place our bets.

In each missile, there are 300 hundred “seats” available. One participant of the winner’s rocket receives a reward of 100 thousand dollars. 

These 100 thousand dollars are not divided proportionally among all the participants who are sitting in this rocket. Only one person randomly receives the reward. 

There are different classes here: economy class, first-class, business class, and pilots. These classes do not affect anything in terms of your chances of winning a prize.

There is also a second reward, which no longer depends on chance. 

Here, one player in the rocket receives an additional $ 10,000 for the best character “level up” while the rocket is flying. 

You can improve your character and raise his level and among these 300 people in the winning rocket, the one who has leveled up his character the most, will receive an additional 10 thousand dollars in USDT to his crypto wallet. 

In addition to 100 thousand dollars and 10 thousand dollars, as the rocket reaches one or another price point (which will already be indicated at the launch of this platform), at each certain price point, all participants in the rocket will receive certain rewards, which will be… loot boxes.

Now let's move on to these loot boxes

What functionality do they have on this platform at all? 

In order to get into a certain rocket, you need to purchase a ticket, as well as have the astronaut who owns this rocket. 

For example, if you have a Bitcoin astronaut, then you will not be able to board an Ethereum rocket, you will first need to get an Ethereum astronaut. 

Let’s first figure out where we can get the astronaut. 

Astronaut is obtained from loot boxes. 

These loot boxes are sold on the platform, or rather will be sold after the platform launches. The cost of one loot box is $ 20 equivalent to the tokens of this platform (MNY Token). In each loot box, we have a certain chance to get one or another astronaut.

MoonieNFT Doggie, Bitty, Ettie

Doggie, Bitty, Ettie

90% chance to get Normie, which we can further use in order to pull our assets; and also a 3.33% chance to get one of those astronauts that belong to a particular rocket. Also, in order to get or buy a ticket, we need to buy five loot boxes. 

Therefore, the cost of boarding the rocket will be $ 100.

Let's summarize it so that everything is clear

We have three rockets and we can only get into this rocket if we have the astronaut who belongs to this rocket. 

The chance of getting one such astronaut is 3.33% and you can get this astronaut from loot boxes. 

In addition, even if we get this astronaut, for example, after the opening of the first box, we will still need to buy four more in order to get a ticket to that very rocket and participate in the price race.

MoonieNFT Some of the characters on the platform

Some of the characters on the platform

In this race, we can randomly earn $ 100,000, a 1 in 300 chance, or we can get $ 10,000 for the best leveling up the character. In addition, upon reaching certain rates or goals of Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Dogecoin, depending on your rocket, you will also receive additional prizes on the platform.

A small guide on connecting the Metamask wallet and buying NFT and various Items on the Moonie NFT platform (as well as getting a free Moonchest)

In fact, no special knowledge is required to connect the Metamask wallet, since everything is quite intuitive. 

Just click “Connect Wallet” and…duh, connect your wallet. 

It should be remembered that MoonieNFT is located on the Ethereum network, so make sure you have some amount of ETH in your wallet to pay for transactions (aka “Gas Fee”).

MoonieNFT It’s very easy to connect your MetaMask Wallet to the platform

It’s very easy to connect your MetaMask Wallet to the platform

At the time of this writing, immediately after connecting the wallet (in fact, “joining” the platform’s community), you will be offered a free loot box, which you can pick up by clicking on the “Claim FREE Moonchest” button.



Next, you need to sign an agreement from the platform’s smart contract (basically, permission to execute the transaction), and then, after paying the commission on the Ethereum network, you will be redirected to this page, where you will be informed that the transaction was successful and after the MoonieNFT project is launched, you will receive your “Moonchest” in your Metamask wallet, which you would otherwise have purchased for a minimum of $ 20, and now you’re getting it for free.

So we basically just “reserved” the free loot box.



We believe that it makes sense to participate in such free distribution of loot boxes before the launch of the project, because, after the launch of the project, users will only be able to purchase loot boxes for money, and rare loot boxes will most likely cost quite a lot (perhaps about $ 100-200 ). 

So…take your chances, folks. 



Now let's look at how the game itself will look like, how the gameplay will look like, what actions we will need to do in the game, and, accordingly, how we will receive points and upgrade our character in order to have a chance to win 10 thousand dollars and various other prizes



After the platform is launched, the game will be available as an application in the AppStore and in the PlayMarket respectively.

We can download and install it on the phone, and then there will be an opportunity to scan the QR code. All of our NFT and Moonies, if we click on them, will have a specific QR code that we need to scan in order to bind our NFT or our account to the game. 

Then we can already play and improve our NFTs. As for the gameplay itself, everything will be as simple as possible in the game. 

We will have a multistage rocket that we’ll have to launch, this rocket flies upwards and therefore, we will need to control it and unfasten each part at the right time at different stages. Next, we fly up to the moon, and from there we will need to land our rocket carefully. 

Our final score in the game will be based on what speed we’ve managed to develop, as well as how quickly we flew to the moon, whether or not we’d manage to unfasten the rocket parts on time, and how accurately we’ve landed our rocket. The more points we gain, the higher we will advance in the leaderboard, and accordingly, these points will also contribute to the improvement of our characters.



Also, in order to improve our characters, we can either play the game itself and gain points, or we can also additionally pump the characters by combining or “staking” two identical NFTs, in case we have a lot of ‘em (let’s say, we’ve bought a lot of loot boxes). 

In total, exactly ten launches will be available to each player (or each wallet, to be more certain) per day, so people won’t be able to sit on the couch all day long, trying to land the damn rocket for 1000nd time. 

So, a limited amount of launches will probably fuel your motivation to get into the leaderboard. There is a top-100 leaderboard, and these leaders share 10% of the revenue of all sold loot boxes on this platform. 

This is an additional financial motivation to play well.

We hope at this point everything gets in its place for you, and now you have some idea how everything here interconnected with each other, from DeFi to NFT on the Moonie platform.

MoonieNFT The Roadmap behind the project. Quite impressive

The Roadmap behind the project. Quite impressive

Now let's look at the tokenomics behind this project in order to see who invested in it and what this project is in economic terms

There is nothing difficult here, and here everything looks very good and adequate. This is how the allocation (or distribution) of all the tokens in the system looks like, and the most interesting for us is, of course, the Private Sale and the “unlocking” (Release Schedule) period for all participants who have a certain number of coins. 

16% of the total supply of all tokens was purchased in the Private Sale (which is not an impressive number, to be honest). And the tokens were initially bought in the Private Sale at a price mark of 0.0016 cents per MNY token. 

Accordingly, the listing price will be 0.0025 cents. We can also see here that we had a Public Sale right after a Private Sale. Here, 2% of the total allocation of tokens were sold, and accordingly, they were sold at the same price for which the listing will be. 

In total, the project collected 650 thousand dollars on its token sales, that is, 550 in the Private Sale, and 100 thousand in the Public Sale. Since it’s not that much, especially in comparison with other similar projects, it’s safe to say that there’s still room to grow.

Next, let's talk about the “unlocking period”

Private investors will have 5% of tokens unlocked immediately right when the listing will take place, and then 95% of tokens will be unlocked linearly (“block-by-block”) within 14 months. Accordingly, there will be a listing and every month they will receive a certain equal share in their tokens.



The Public Sale has less allocation, so 25% of the tokens on the listing are unlocked at once, and then 75% of all tokens will be unlocked linearly.

For everyone else, the unlocking period is quite thoughtful, which will positively affect the stability of the token price, since it is distributed in the range from 1.5-2 years to 4 years (for some categories of token usage). 

In simple terms, this means that there will be no people (when the listing occurs) who own a large number of tokens, who could sell their funds by the market price so that the price drops dramatically after we buy it all. The only point to consider is quite a low liquidity in relation to the total supply of tokens, which equals only 3%. 

Trivia: Total liquidity is the number of tokens that will be available for free trading that we can buy from the general pool.

That is, despite the fact that early investors have a fairly small number of tokens that will be unlocked on the listing, but in relation to a small percentage of liquidity, this number seems more impressive. 

For example, if the liquidity were equal to 10 percent (instead of 3), then the potential profit would be much more impressive, but in relation to 3 percent liquidity, these are also quite good numbers.

Also, very important information can be that MoonieNFT has very well and tightly partnered with Polychain Monsters

This game is also a fairly popular blockchain game, similar to the MoonieNFT, and they have a fairly large number of players. Polychain Monsters were one of the earliest (and probably one of the main) investors in the MoonieNFT project, they’ve brought in a fairly good amount of money there, and most likely they’ve been helping out with the development of the project as well.

MoonieNFT Arcade Games available on the platform

Arcade Games available on the platform

It’s also worth mentioning that MoonieNFT gave Polychain Monsters’ community members an opportunity to get an allocation in the MoonieNFT project (for fulfilling certain conditions in their game). 

We are inclined to believe that this “allocation” was most likely a public sale, that is, where 2% of the tokens were additionally sold. But the bottom line is that Polychain monsters are the main investor of the MoonieNFT project, which is quite good news, to be honest. 

That basically means, that behind this project (which is soon to be thrown into the market), there is a very well-known and reliable partner that, in fact, has gone the same way that MoonieNFT is going through at the moment.

Let's summarize

The project has not been launched yet, but quite soon it should be launched and, until it starts, we still have the opportunity to get free loot boxes.

MoonieNFT MoonieNFT Co-Founders

MoonieNFT Co-Founders

The purpose of this article was to introduce this new subject (GameFi) to our readers, to make you guys acquainted with this new topic within the blockchain, in order to help you better understand blockchain gaming and NFT in general. 

Because we believe this will be a very promising and quite profitable crypto sphere in the very near future. The project will be listed on Uniswap, the exact date has not yet been disclosed by the developers. 

Please, keep in mind that this is in no way financial advice, nor some kind of financial recommendation. 

We always suggest that before rushing to any “hot-tempered” purchases you first do your own research and carefully and thoroughly come up with your own informed decision.

Anyway, stay tuned,
folks - we’ll be getting you up to speed shortly!


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