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Elon Musk’s look on SNL helped Dogecoin recuperate from its fall. It’s still up over 800% in a month. On Sunday afternoon, Dogecoin’s price recuperated after plummeting to $0.42 earlier in the day, a plunge that numerous analysts linked to Elon Musk’s Saturday Night Live performance. Musk’s hosting gig on Saturday Night Live prompted Dogecoin’s price to drop practically 40%. But in the hours that followed, it recuperated rather considerably. 

After a troubled day on Sunday, Dogecoin’s price rose back up to 56 cents at publication time. The only unfavorable referral to Musk was his “uncomfortable” SNL monologue and general performance. Dogecoin’s readers expressed hope in floods of messages on social media. 

     Lots of people boasted about purchasing to the low price of 42 cents on Sunday early morning. As of 4 p.m. EST, Dogecoin’s price has not yet fully recovered after a surge of 33 percent the day previously. Musk’s Texas-based SpaceX, which announced strategies to introduce the DOGE-1 Mission to the Moon on Sunday, is the first-ever cryptocurrency application beyond Earth orbit, with its vice president of industrial sales detailing the task. 

“It might lay the foundation for interplanetary commerce,” SpaceX’s Tom Ochinero informed CNBC. In a recent video, Dogecoin YouTube personality Matt Wallace stated, “The Dogecoin shorters are masochists it’s back to 60 cents!”

Musk tweeted a photo depicting a dog barking at the moon on April 15, all of which triggered a discussion about cryptocurrency. Last month, the Mars-minded entrepreneur made his Dogecoin fans delighted by declaring, “SpaceX is putting a literal Dogecoin on the moon.” 

     Musk’s performance was linked straight to the current plunge in Dogecoin price, the outcome of which Musk critics have actually been ranting about for weeks. “Deceptive and deeply uncomfortable,” was the heading in The Daily Beast’s review, describing Musk’s claims of having Asperger’s. However, others argued Musk was only using the show to market his financial interests, not forgetting the Dogecoin cryptocurrency. 

Bitcoin designer Josh Jordan specified in a tweet: “I do not like Elon Musk since he manipulates possessions such as Dogecoin, Gamestop, etc which can eventually harm a great deal of unaware retail financiers.” 

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