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Put your bet on ETH. Here’s why


Vitalik Clapping… 

Why Is Vitalik Clapping Again? Find out in about 10 give or take a few minutes, because it’s time for Chico Crypto! We’re clapping right along with ole Vitalik, as Ethereum smashed its all-time high in USD yesterday! And was pushing up towards $2700… Ethereum is eating into the BTC ratio once again, as the king crypto stays stagnant. 

As we can see, from the Ethereum to Bitcoin ratio chart, ether is pushing up towards .05. I knew this was coming last week, when Ethereum started bubbling. 

April 22nd, Bitcoin breaks down. Panic? No. I’m Buying Ethereum! I covered the .05 ratio number, and why it was muy important! That number has been rejected on multiple occasions in the past…then I said this: The Flippening Part 2021, breaking the .05 ratio…discovery will take place. What Did I mean by Discovery?? Well as you can see back in 2017 and even into 2018, that .05 number was important for discovery. 

You can see it better if you zoom in. 2017 first, we broke .05 first in March, fell under, but then broke it again 1 month after, April 2017…turbulence around .05….but by the middle of May. BOOM. Ethereum discovery! After that discovery, and into late 2017, there was a fall in the ratio. A little turbulence at .075…but the majority of turbulence once again happened around the .05 ratio. After the steep dip to .025, and bounce, turbulence once again .05 into early 2018 and after. Discovery once again. That is why that ratio is important, it’s the kicker for discovery! And I do have the opinion that BREAK is on the horizon…. 

And if a trader can do it, if they have the liquidity or capital, to get 32 Ethereum and solo stake. Now is three times to do it…before the discovery happens, as there might be some turbulence around .05. There always is… 32 Ethereum is a chunk of change though. At yesterday’s prices, it was just over $85000. Maybe this article should of hitting the top of people’s minds. In November, the 5th to be exact, I’m writing this article: “Last Chance to Buy 32 ETH! Will You Join Crypto’s Elite?? Race to Accumulate Is ON!!” The description said “With each passing month, it will become harder & harder to pick up 32 ETH. 

Don’t miss your chance…it will go QUICK!” And here is what I said back then, and the prices for 32 Ethereum compared with a single BTC. Basically 12 grand for 32 ETH versus 14 grand for a Bitcoin. Today 32 ETH is basically 85 grand & 1 Bitcoin is 55 grand. 12 grand to 85 grand for ETH, and 14 grand to 55 grand for BTC. What was the better investment? What I said, the 32 Ethereum…. Especially if you started staking. I did and looking at my performance, I’m almost in the top 20 percentile of validators. I have earned an extra 1.2 Ethereum since…resulting in an APR of 9 percent. So actually my total in the validator is not 85 grand, but nearly 89 thousand buckaroos. 

And let me tell you Solo staking is not complex. There are simple solutions that hodl your hand through the process. It basically plug and play. What I use is an Avado, and of course link for the simple eth solo validator is below. So, why would making that 32 ETH dive, over 85 G’s still be smart to this day in my opinion, over buying just Bitcoin?? Besides Ether price ratio discovery not happening….Yet? Well, it comes down to Nethermind’s tweet. They said the Merge, with a video of the code…and then said “TheMerge is targeting October 2021 and the teams will work on it in parallel to work on the July London (EIP-1559) upgrade and the October Shanghai (EIP-3074) upgrade…. 

Do you understand that? The Merge of ETH1 into ETH2 is targeting October of this year! That is turning off Proof of Work, and going full-on Proof of stake with the Validators! That means, the transaction fees that the miners are getting today will be going to the staking validators!! But it’s not going to be exactly like that in the future. EIP-1559 will be implemented before the Merge, so fees should be reduced and a large part of the fee burnt. Reducing the Ethereum supply. Once the Merge happens, and proof of work is gone, the rest of the fees should go to the validator who’s been assigned to produce the next block. 

Largely the plan is for lower, usable, and stable fees, not the fluctuating nonsense we see today. So, what will the APR be like when the Merge happens for validators. The 9 percent that I see today?? No, No, No….. With MEV, maximum extractable value, solutions being implemented by the time the Merge happens this will be boosted! Alex Obadia, developer and Steward for the flashbots is working up a bit of Alchemy! He presented April 23rd at the Scaling Ethereum hackathon & conference, let’s just hear what he had to say about validator revenues upcoming….. 

Boosting APR up to nearly 15 percent, an extra 1.93 Ethereum per year for Validators! And the implications of increasing revenue through MEV on Ethereum will have a much greater impact on the validators down the road than it does on the miners today! Soooo, 85 grand for that validator? Worth it? Well, that is in the eye of the beholder. But obviously, from Alex’s words, Flashbot’s importance to Ethereum and validators will only increase as the Merge gets closer. So Chico Crypto, is feeling something with connections to Flashbots, might just be important & a nice sidekick to a validator node.

Well just take a look at this August 2018, Digital Asset Venture research paper titled: DLT and the Rise of Crypto Moats. The article describes Moats and says “The concept of moats was heralded by Warren Buffett to describe a sustained competitive advantage” and they dive into the pre crypto moats, like economies of scale, switching costs, brand loyalty, network effect, and even data. 

What are the moats of the crypto era?? TOKENS. Tokens are protectors, they are community builders, they are network effectors. Uniswap didn’t have a MOAT, a token, and almost fell because of the Sushi vampire attack back in 2020. What did Uniswap do to protect? Launch a token….Flashbots need a moat digger, and that is ALchemist Coin in my opinion, and from my research.

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