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Uniswap Has anower Partners!? These cryptocoins!? Who are!?

Uniswap Has anower Partners!?

We made it through the notoriously bearish month of March, and are moving into the usually bullish Month of April Bitcoin can’t seem to crack 60k, this entire week has been it trying to do it But Altcoins, they are not waiting one bit, over 24 hours there are 58 altcoin in the top 100, performing better than BTC ALT-SEASON is here and will be for the rest of this cycle so tis the season to be jolly falala la la la it’ time for Chico Crypto!

Uniswap… if you know anything about crypto, you know about the swap It’s the swapping protocol, that brought a clean and easy UI to the decentralized space making trading as easy as clicking a single button swap This has made Uniswap into a powerhouse, and it is really showing itself here recently The Uni has now overtaken Bitcoin on cryptofees, for 24 hours pushing out over 36 million to the liquidity providers Now you should know according the swap’s blog post on v3, it is going live on the mainnet in just over a month The time will fly by and v3 is gonna be here before we know it So, when the founder of Uniswap tweets BIG Eyes at a crypto, who is talking about doing something with v3 Chico Crypto pays attention Yes, Hayden tweeted big eyes, as a retweet to xtoken saying this “Some big news from us: We’re excited to announce xU3LP!

A convenient, fungible solution to Uniswap V3 liquidity provision Stay tuned for more updates as we prepare for a launch shortly after Uniswap V3 deployment in May” So let’s break down exactly why Haden did the Big eyes The xToken protocol provides an ERC-20 staking system for making the complexities of DeFi simple They do this by creating wrapped versions of popular DeFi tokens so users can easily buy a single “set it and-forget-it” ERC-20 that automatically handles liquidity and governance via batching deposits As we can see there are strategies set for 4 DeFi assets as of now, Kyber Network, SNX, AAVE & 1inch But as you can see, for some there are 2 types of xtokens A & B Well that’s because they do different strategies… per example xKNCA automatically votes to maximize staker rewards, while xKNCB votes to maximize the reserve rebates So, why is this important in the context of Uniswap v3 Well go back to xtokens tweet that Hayden Big Eye’d they said…”We’re excited to announce xU3LP! A convenient, fungible solution to Uniswap V3 liquidity provision”

Go to the Uniswap v3 Blog about their new Liquidty Pool, LP positions Remember, they are represented by Non Fungible Tokens NFTs in v3 They said this in the section on NFTs “However, common shared positions can be made fungible ERC20 via peripheral contracts or through other partner protocols” That is what xtokens tweeted they are doing It’s a fungible solution to Uniswap v3’s new NFT LPs… are they a partner protocol Now some of you may be like is this stepping on the toes of alchemist coin No, No, No my friends And you can see this in the Uniswap v3 whitepaper They said regarding the non fungible position design “As a result, in v3, the pool contract does not implement the ERC-20 standard Anyone can create an ERC-20 token contract in the periphery that makes a liquidity position more fungible, but it will have to have additional logic to handle distribution of, or reinvestment of, collected fees this is what xtokens is doing with xU3LP Then they say Alternatively, anyone could create a periphery contract that wraps an individual liquidity position including collected fees in an ERC-721 non-fungible token This is what alchemist coin is doing… wrapping individual LP positions as erc721’s and according to bloxy erc721 stats, alchemist crucibles v1 are moving quickly up the transfer and creation charts Alternative designs could be created What did Uniswap say in their blog That these other 2 LP options were being built by the community “Additional infrastructure to support fungibile positions, liquidity mining, more complex strategies, and various other use cases will be built by Uniswap Labs together with the Uniswap community after mainnet launch” Thus, those who are already working on the things mentioned in the WP, Xtokens & alchemist coin, are on me radar As the v3 countdown continues, I would only expect to hear good things from both… 
 And Chico has a slurry of good things for many recent projects I’ve covered But before we get into that slurry, it’s time for a sponsored tentacle of this video, supported by the community driven OctoFi, and like always the full details of our agreement can be found in the description! So 1st, what is OctoFi OctoFinance Well they give you cash back when you transact with the most trusted DeFi and NFT marketplaces Earn free crypto Octomatically That is their core value proposition, and this cashback mechanism is first built into their flagship product, the OctoFi dAPP This dapp, brings together all the top DeFi & NFT protocols into one place, and allows you to transact in one place There is Fiat and Gift Card options with Buy you can swap trustlessley with Uniswap, or with the swaptopus which will extend the tentacles across 36 exchanges, and find you the best rate across them… Also within dapp, there are spot markets and spot trading if you’re used to the ole exchange way of trading… The dapp, also lets you invest in DeFi, with ease, besides the tokens themselves…

Liquidity Pools, from the top names Uniswap, Balancer, Curve & Yearn Tokensets too, automated token strategies, you can get into right in dapp even the flag ship DeFi index, the DPI But their is also a loan interface, for borrowing and lending of assets and even an in app NFT marketplace, which is integrated with OpenSea’s NFT token transaction interface Now that we’ve gone through just some of my favorite features of the dapp, there’s more in tools, like governance let’s understand the cash or crypto back! Remember OctoFi, is integrating with top DeFi protocols, marketplaces, services and the like Some of these have referral or commission programs themselves Usually when a dapp or protocol integrates with for example Opensea, to bring their NFTs into their dapp the commission OpenSea pays on sales, 2 5 percent goes to the dapp or project owners They pocket it all Not Octo, 100 percent of the commission when people use the DAPP are directed to the Octo token holders! And this is true of everything in dapp, they have a nice breakdown of the dapp functions, and octoholder benefits from each…including commissions from the fiat gateway offramp, the swap aggregator, and from NFT trading 2 5 percent from OpenSea But soon, things are going to get way more interesting in the Sea of OctoFi, as they have the OctoFi Wallet coming very, very soon What is the OctoFi wallet Well it is a fork of Metamask Yes the metamask everyone knows and loves… but their fork, lowers swapping fees by building in the swaptopus, supports various blockchain network by default, has essential NFT features, and removes all user tracking And guess what The OctoFi ethos of cashback is built right into the wallet When you transact with any of the referral partners using the wallet, either from the OctoFi dapp, or directly on their own websites They of course pay a share of their revenue as commission OctoFi will pass through 40% to the wallet user if using the OctoFi Wallet, while the remaining 60% goes to the token holders So you can think of it, as a Cashback metamask Their entire ecosystem is focused on just that Cashback, the dapp, the wallet, and even the Octo token You can think of Octo as the Lolli, crypto back but not for shoppers, for crypto traders So if your ready to earn crypto for things you already do links for their dapp, and website are below oh and their telegram so you can know 1st, when the Octowallet drops Now back to that Slurry of altcoin news, that I have up my sleeves First let’s start with MUSE aka NFT20, the NFT swapping protocol Well just 2 days ago, DeFi met NFTs as the first flashloan was pulled off on the protocol I hope you get the importance of this accomplishment NFT20 and muse is to NFTs, as Synthetix is to tokens And I only see it moving up the crypto charts What about my Ohmies! Well OHM dropped a big release with the blog titled “1, 1 to 3, 3: The Reason to Bond” And you would think, with a big release the token price wouldn’t get crushed, but boi howdy, did OHM get crushed yesterday 
 And this has a lot to do with the release Into the blog they say “Bond’s give you the opportunity to buy OHM from the protocol at a discount Now I’m not going to dive into the complexities of bonding it would take me a full video I will let you dive into their article But this bonding, opens up strategies with the protocol, and these strategies are just being discovered, and many are looking to take full advantage Remember my friends, this is a stable asset project It’s not pegged to anything, but eventually OHM is going to find a semi stable value Will it be 200 dollars Will it be 1 Thousand dollars Will it be 1 dollar Or Will in due time will $ohm settle around the price of btc and become true trustless $btc peg Well, this experiment is happening and just like the Olympus DAO twitter tweeted “Rohm Wasn’t Built in a day”

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