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Ethereum establishment to be DOMINATED by this crypto!

Ethereum establishment to be DOMINATED

Egg yolk, what’s going on with the Chico Army or should I give a hint, the soon to transition to BCleaks Army You will get it soon If you’re new, my name is Tyler aka Chico & if you’ve been thinking about enterprises and crypto, you’re in the right spot The kind of ethereum enterprise news that could make Vitalik do it one more time… Me excite, you excite, Buterin excite! It’s time for Chico Crypto! The words Enterprise Ethereum When you hear that you should add an Alliance on to the back of it, and get BASED Enterprise Ethereum is dominated by the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance EEA and the baseline protocol And when you realize the connections these two have to the world of enterprise, the competing blockchains below Ethereum, just become laughable Going to the members just in A’s there is Accenture & AMD, advanced Microdevices Just in the B’s, two massive banking institutions Banco Santander & Bank of New York Mellon The C’s belong to my Stinky stinky Link, and then just in D’s Rabobank, and even the Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation DTCC, the entity who settles the vast majority of securities transactions within the United States, only processing 2 15 quadrillion in 2019!

I hope you get my drift That is only to the D’s only 22 more letter sections I’ll let you go through the rest This is not seen with any other blockchain, and the number of enterprise members grows each day And this doesn’t even dip into the baseline protocol!!

So it’s going to be a sweet month for those crypto projects involved in this enterprise side of ethereum including Chainlink Why In less than a month, a major conference is going down Ethereum in the Enterprise 2021 and it includes many enterprise heavy hitters of this space Speaker from Banco, Ernst and Young, who is connected to baseline John Wolpert of Baseline, Joe Lubin Conensys, and more with more to follow!

And they even have an application if you would like to join! So should I submit the Chico Degen view of Ethereum and be on the panel Well, let’s do it, I filled out their form for the educational talk “Degen View of Ethereum Mainnet & Layer 2” a nice description, and 3 points of why Well #1 I’ll bring the BCleaks army, more viewers, more discussion #2 I will make it fun and #3, current attendees will recognize Page 2, more details I filled out… and boom submitted Lets see if they say OK Now that we have that out of the way what enterprise coins could have a big Month because of the Hype Well you just gotta look at whose speaking before this In just 2 days, Wednesday, there is the “March Virtual EEA Enterprise Ethereum Alliance Meetup & as we can see Marlely Gray of Microsoft is speaking, and Kyle Thomas of Provide Who does this lead to Well if you know who Provide is, they are a core component of the baseline enterprise solution stack Provide and Unibright are one within baseline and beyond, and their core techs are combined to create the protocol Thus when you see Kyle of Provide speaking alongside Microsoft in the context of Enterprise Ethereum, you can consider it Uniright too Soooo, what are they talking about! Well first Marley of Microsoft is speaking on “Development and Collaboration in the Development of Sustainability Solutions for DLTs” where you can “Learn how efforts in the Taskforce for Scaling Voluntary Carbon Markets are working with standards being developed in the Interwork Alliance and are establishing common ground for DLT solutions within the sustainability and energy sector” Ok now what is Kyle speaking on Well ”synchronize everything, where Enterprise DeFi is going to be a game-changer in the context of business process automation The Baseline Protocol is connecting siloed systems of record to make this a reality” Enterprise DeFi with Baseline, plus the energy sector, specifically sustainable solutions But let’s just rewind to what Marley Gray said he would specifically be speaking on “how efforts in the Taskforce for Scaling Voluntary Carbon Markets are working with standards being developed in the Interwork Alliance” Who is the Taskforce for Scaling Voluntary Carbon Markets Going to their website, it was created to solve the sustainability goals of the world and meet the growing demands of the market, and it’s composed of the big players AXA, Bank of America, Blackrock, BNB Paribas, Boeing, BP, Goldman Sachs, Nestle, Salesfoce, Shell, and many many others That’s just in the taskforce, you look down into the consultative group of peeps, even more headlining names from more industries This taskforce is here, to change the energy game and at the meetup Marley is going to be showing how, in the context of blockchain So who was this meetup put on by… Well they tweeted about it Web3 Labs Who is Web3 Well going to their website they are focused on enterprise blockchain adoption, and is a partner of the year for Microsoft 2020 Now what has this web3 labs been tweeting about recently besides the meetup They tweeting about IDs, for things like GRID assets…

Besides that they are retweeting the April event, Ethereum in the Enterprise 2021, see you there! But also, tweets regarding blockchain technology, records of ownership & emission offsets Key there is emission offsets So, it’s kind of obvious there may be something coming regarding future energy and blockchain technology Marley Gray of Microsoft is speaking on it, and their tight new blockchain partner, Web3 labs, is firing off on it too…so, how does Provide, Baseline & Unibright fit in Well, again we know Unibright, and Provide are key components of the baseledger Baseledger just tweeted, and the architecture cleary shows they are, including Unigright’s Free Equity, in Enterprise DeFi, of which Kyle of Provide will be speaking on, on Monday What Did Unibright do regarding Energy last year They piloted something that Cointelegrah covered “Unibright to Pilot Blockchain-Based Renewable Energy Trading in Germany” UBT partnered with a german startup for this and the article said “The partnership will see the firm join Wasserkraft Mittelrhein to facilitate trading, monitoring and data analysis of renewable energy produced by decentralized power plants using the Unibright Framework Unibright proposes a “smart grid” system, where disparate small electricity producers engage directly with energy consumers via blockchain technology” Wooooahhhh, UBT going hard on decentralized Energy Now some of you might be like, is this stepping on Energy Web’s toes Well, let’s just see how the Interwork alliance fits in Remember Marley Gray said he would be speaking on “how efforts in the Taskforce for Scaling Voluntary Carbon Markets are working with standards being developed in the Interwork Alliance” Going to the Interwork Alliance website, we can see of course Microsoft is one of the Sponsor members, in Principal members there is Chainlink, the DTCC, oh and even Web 3 labs but in associate members, there lies the energy company developing the standards within this alliance Energy Web Chain… are they the only energy or climate based company within this No there is the Climate chain coalition in Associate members too, but going to their members there is Energy Web too And Hillrise Capital, had an AMA, in May of last year with the Energy Web Chain They were asked “What exactly are you doing with Baseline Protocol ” and Micha Roon, CTO said this…”We’re mainly observing the development Baseline [Protocol] is very similar to our EW-DOS vision, so there is a natural collaboration opportunity” They’ve almost had a year to work on it… Cheers I’ll see you next time!

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