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Visa connects with Ethereum! So same with this ALTCOIN!?

Visa connects with Ethereum! So same with this ALTCOIN!?

Those that are patient are rewarded those that don’t let the hype pull their emotional strings up and down can make it through the night… sooo the Etherean army who crawled into their fox holse and waited the bears out let me hear that victory roar!! Visa Victory is ours! ANd it’s time for Chico Crypto! Yes, the news broke and it’s great news for Ethereum!! Visa is becoming the First Major Payments Network to Settle Transactions in USDC! I knew something BIG like this was coming Over 2 months ago, February 2nd I posted this video “$100k Per BITCOIN in 2021 Visa & Coinbase USDC “Plan” On It!!

That 100k, BTC prediction and call seems not too crazy right now, but back when I did it, February 2nd people were calling me crazy And that’s because BTC was a lot lower below 35k… But let’s just replay what I said back then, to conclude that video… Called it spot on like Donkey Kong So all Chico has to say is Well who’s the crazy one now!

From the business wire article they say “Visa today announced a major industry first in bridging the worlds of digital and traditional fiat currencies: the use of USD Coin USDC , a stablecoin backed by the US dollar, to settle a transaction with Visa over Ethereum Visa is piloting the capability with Crypto com and plans to offer the USDC settlement capability to additional partners later this year They are achieving this in collaboration with Anchorage bank for settlements So that is what is known! That is the public news but Chico Crypto does it differently than most We discover what necessarily isn’t known! To uncover that, we need to realize who Visa’s chosen stabelcoin is built by USDC Everyone knows about Coinbase the big dogs with the IPO soon, on their website they say it’s a stablecoin by Coinbase But there is another half of this coin Those in partnership with both the base and Visa to make it happen Circle…who is lead by Jeremy Allaire What did Circle launch just 2 days before the Visa USDC announcement Well PRNewswire covered it with an article titled “Circle Launches Comprehensive NFT Platform & Marketplace Payments Solution” the article states “Circle today also unveiled forthcoming features that will be made available over the coming months, including support for USDC, BTC and ETH payments, NFT custodial services, and yield-generating Circle accounts for NFT market operators ” So why could this tie right into Visa Well Cuy Sheffield, who is head of Crypto at Visa Has been tweeting suspiciously lately Of course about the BIG USDC and Ethereum news for Visa but also retweeting Jeremy Circle CEO, on multiple occasions & commenting with Rocket ships… But what else has ole Cuy been a tweeting and a retweeting! NFTs… ”Fantastic breakdown on NFTs from @nic__carter” and no not Nic Carter of the backstreet boys, a writer for Coindesk

He also gave a breakdown of an interesting application for brands, and communities NFTs are a new public, permissionless, and pseudonymous CRM Customer Relationship Management system Literally, his entire twitter is filled with NFTs, NF that, NF-this and even giving a talk on NFTs March 11th titled “The Evolution of Crypto: From Bitcoin to NFTs” So wouldn’t you say it’s just convenient, Circle just launched their comprehensive NFT platform, which will have full support for USDC So, I might want to be looking at those NFT projects connected to this Circle On Circle’s website on NFTs, they show their first NFT partner who I’ve covered before Dapper Labs and their flow blockchain Powering NBA Topshots with USDC That might be new for some, but most of us here on the channel have known that Is Circle connected to any other NFT project Well scrolling down on their website they have a news link section, and last week, Circle sponsored an NFT Hack Clicking into that, maybe some of the co-sponsors just might have a tie… The Sponsor, that sticks out to me, is Rarible why Well going to the hackathon timeline, we can see how to use the rarible protocol as the second workshop even before Circles Then on Saturday they were #1…

Thus, many of the hackathon projects, out of the 178 submitted, were built with Rarible!! I wonder if Rarible has any ties to Circle Well not directly but kind of Remember USDC from Circle is created in collaboration with Coinbase What happened in early February Rarible raised some seed round funding, which was joined by none other than Coinbase Ventures Rarible… it’s a big and dominant marketplace and Circle has a payment solution for NFT marketplaces Connections are there and I’m predicting they will be the next Marketplace to deploy the solutions It’s going to happen, because we are going from an indirect connection to a direct connection Cuy of Visa yesterday, shouted out who built the USDC capabilities, Raj Parekh Raj is also retweeting Jeremy Allaire of Circle tweets but also like Cuy, he is tweeting about NFTs And the BIG hint is this tweet March 2nd Raj said “Companies that provide infrastructure for brands like Disney to make NFTs will also make a lot of money” in response to tweeting “Disney is going to make more money on NFTs than anyone” A person replied… Is there a SaaS platform I can buy that allows my business to mint NFTs And Raj said “There’s a few popping up like niftykit” well let’s just go their website Ok its a NFT Saas platform that describes itself as “The Easiest Way to Create, Manage & Sell Your NFTs” in an invite only beta scrolling down to how it works, minting and being marketplaces ready The marketplaces are…

OpenSea and Rarible WHich is confirmed if you go to their twitter First thing is a retweet about a creator in the closed invite using the platform and mint an NFT Going to the mint, its a cool one, but as we can see the markets are OpenSea and Rarible But back to their website, and scrolling down a bit more, they say no crypto required with Visa the first payment processor listed! Raj, all I have to say is thank you very mucho, mr Rajboto!!! For helping me find an alt when I need to Thank you… I just wanna thank you OHHH thank you! Where else are you gonna get content like this Only on Chico Crypto and very soon with video and written media with Blockchain Leaks!!

Cheers I’ll see you next time!

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